Building from the momentum of their musical careers, composer and drummer Mike St-Jean and electronic artist and filmographer Math Rosen bring their jazz-meets-electronic atmospheres and songs to bear in a new light, debuting a new sound unlike any other this country has to offer. An arrangement of modern jazz musicians- a foundation of upright bass, keyboards and drums, with melodies by guitar and horns and harmonic atmosphere by string quartet –collaborate with laptop & electronic instrumentation to create an innovative, experimental and improvisational experience, exploring dynamic, tonal and energetic possibilities, based on thoroughly charted and rehearsed compositions.

With Alchemist, the group’s debut release, now available, ProJect will collaborate later this year to record their highly anticipated full length record, The City.

ProJect’s members have enjoyed successful careers releasing numerous albums, touring North America & Europe and having the support of and working with several Independent and Major labels. Their adventurous enthusiasm, innovative ideas and already colourful history manifests in brilliant soundscapes and fascinating visuals.