Founded in August 2004, is an online arts community that specializes in the promotion and sales of original works of art of all mediums

The website is a powerful e-commerce tool that provides artists a secure, efficient and friendly community where they can promote themselves and market their work online.

Easel's promotion services are many: 

∞ Dynamic micro-galleries for individual artists

∞ Uploading and editing of profiles and artwork in real time

∞ A powerful networking tool

∞ Online audio previewing for musicians

∞ Community forums where artists and enthusiasts alike can discuss works of art and 

organize events

∞ And most importantly, a secure, efficient online transaction process that allows anyone in the world to purchase an artist's work and have it delivered to their door step.

No website of this power and magnitude, balancing e-commerce and objective representation of art has been developed to date. enables artists to explore and utilize the most effective and affordable sales and marketing tool: the Internet.

Keep in mind, is only the provider. Those who benefit are the artists, the innovators, and the pioneers of ideas that will forever change the world as we see it. It is an online community whose proliferation will bring the artists and the intellectual explorers together.

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